How is Connecting For Health Affecting You?

If you've been to hospital or seen your GP in the last few years, then you might have noticed that more IT is being used by medical staff, in order to provide better patient care. The NHS Connecting for Health project is dramatically improving healthcare.

Here's how it's affecting you.

1. Electronic health records are replacing paper based medical notes, and are much more accurate, last longer and require far less storage. This will also spell the end for the infamous "doctor's handwriting"!

2. As a patient you have more of a say in where and when you have your treatment. This means that more people can be treated, as their appointments are convenient for them.

3. Better organisation and patient choice means patients are more likely to attend, reducing the number of patients who fail to attend appointments. Wasted appointments cost money as well as time, and mean that some patients may have to wait longer for their treatment.

4. Connecting for Health affects over 300 hospitals and 8500 surgeries and is part of the Directorate of Department for Health. Thanks to improvements in IT and healthcare, it will make a huge difference to both staff and patients alike.

5. Connecting for Health was introduced in April 2005, and is still ongoing today. It is providing better care for patients, and less paperwork and administration for medical staff. Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the NHS means that it saves money too.

6. Electronic prescriptions are becoming more common, and mean that the prescription can be sent directly to the pharmacy. This reduces the risk of the prescription being lost or damaged on the way, and also eliminates the risk of prescription pads being stolen, as they are no longer used.

7. Thanks to improvements in technology, it's now possible to quickly transfer patient records quickly. Perhaps you've moved house, and changed doctor, and so your new doctor needs your records. Instead of having to send them by post or courier, they can be sent and received immediately.

8. Digital images such as X Rays and ultrasounds can be sent and received immediately too. If you have treatment at a different surgery or hospital, your local surgery or hospital will be able to see your notes and your images. In addition, as the images are digital, they take up far less storage space, and won't get lost or damaged.

9. Sharing healthcare records between surgeries and hospitals is now possible too. Perhaps you've recently had dental treatment, and your doctor wants to see exactly what happened. Maybe you need a tooth out, and your dentist wants to know if you're allergic to anything.

10. Connecting for Health is proving to be effective and efficient, and provides better care for patients, thanks to technology. In addition, costs and waiting times can be dramatically reduced too.

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